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Here is the one and only match I had!

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Sep 22 Grappling 1 Comment

Past weekend competed in Finland, Jyväskylä at a 2 day tournament, day 1 ADCC rules matches, day 2 Bjj.

From day 1 I got myself silver medal from -87,9

NLO_2013 (15)webHere are my matches

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And final

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Sep 4 Grappling Comments Off on Matches from NLO 2013, day 1 ADCC

So I’ve managed to finally make the N/S choke work for myself. In the video I’ll cover my latest details on N/S choke.

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Jul 25 Grappling 1 Comment

Match in question can be see below, also the short version if you do not have 22 minutes to spare and would rather spend 3 :)

Full version
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Quick view
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My thoughts!
I can understand that you can look at Schaub as someone who just avoided the fight, but on the other hand I’m also somewhat baffled about Cyborg.

In my opinion it was Cyborgs job to go after Schaub, not just “mellow out there” and expect Schaub to engage. Historically there have been many these type of fights, the one that immediately comes to mind is is Van Arsdale vs Garcia at ADCC 2003

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Arsdale was trying to stay away from Garcia, but Garcia will not stop coming after you until he gets a hold and is able grapple. I like the attitude of  “Do what you want, choose whatever strategy, even avoidance, and I will still come at you and not stop”

While people are saying that thats the attitude Schaub should’ve had, then I think CYBORG should’ve had it just the same. Go after him, keep going and keep going, pull guard, try takedowns, hold the wrist and pull yourself close. Just keep it aggressive and go forth until you stick to him, then we see who’s the better grappler.

I do not look positively at Schaubs performance, I also dont think too highly of Cyborgs. How do you think the match of Schaub vs Garcia would play out?

This fight reminded me also somewhat of a MMA match between Royler Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba, where Royler just asks / wishes / taunts Sakuraba to come down on the ground and grapple? That’s not what you do, you got to take the fight to him.

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Also, from my own personal experience I have grappled people who would rather just disengage, but with the Garcia attitude (not to cry about the situation bur rather do something about it) I find it easier to deal with.

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Last weekend I took part in Bjj national Championship and it was a great experience!

Firstly, since 3 weeks ago from Finnish Open, I’ve decided to compete more in -88.3 category. Simply I’ve gotten a bit heavier over the years and it is what it is :) I train a lot, a train good and I feel good just where I am, the weight cutting is just not doing any favours to me … especially in a sport where the weigh-in is promptly before the first match.
I had alltogether 7 matches both in my own weight and open. Over all I felt very good, I was energetic, constantly moving. It was something I wanted to emphasize more since my last competition, to be able to constantly work, work, work. Only rest a little when you have a dominant position.
So in that regard, everything I set myself out to do I did. My double gold mission however was stopped in the final of the open weight. I have 3 matches on video which I’ve uploaded and you can watch below.

First, a historical match in Estonian Bjj scene as 2 home-grown Black Belts went at it! -88 kg , vs Priit Mihkelson

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Secondly, semi final of the open weight vs Mairon “Imelik” Lepik

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And third, the final of the open weight vs Kristjan Mäe.

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Here you see me getting tapped and rather fast :) Kristjan has a judo background and went for a kimura type hold (a la Sakuraba) when I was aiming for back control. At first I felt comfortable, however I was rather unfamiliar with the situation and made a critical error in defense where he was able to crank not Kimura, but a straight armlock! Well, such is the nature of sport and sometimes you just get caught :) Experience taken, improving my game now and looking forward to the future, 2 weeks until Bjj Baltic Championship in Lithuania, 26th May!


May 13 Grappling 3 Comments

I competed yesterday at Bjj Finnish Open 2013!


Got myself 2 matches. Quarterfinal I won via Bow and Arrow Choke, but had to defend “The Magid Hage Choke”  first. The thing to know, when defending any kind of collar choke from the top position, is to KEEP SPACE! :) As I said in my previous post, the attacker usually takes space away, whatever the attack is, and defender wants to maintain or create more space. So I did pass the guard but placed two frames to keep space, first I pushed with my arms from he’s neck creating space with that, and secondly I placed my knee on he’s face to allow me even better make space. So the choke does not get dangerous enough and eventually the arms tire out. Those familiar with the Magid Hage Choke probably remember him choking out Clark Gracie and Zak Maxwell with it recently, if you watch the videos and look close, you see that neither Clark nor Zak really try to create space with frames.

Quarterfinal video

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And the semifinal I lost via advantage

Semifinal video

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Was a very good experience for me and, as always, got myself good feedback for game improvement.


Apr 21 Grappling Comments Off on Bronze from BJJ Finnish Open 2013

A year ago I competed for the first time in Freestyle Wrestling competition, Estonian Championship, and I lost in the quarterfinal.

This year I went there for the second run and coming home with a Silver medal!

In the video is 3 matches leading up to the final

YouTube Preview Image Feb 3 Grappling 3 Comments


I know it’s been quite some time since I last updated the blog and it’s not that I didn’t want to, but for some reasons it just fell out that way. I’m not gone or disappeared and the blog is definitely not dead! :) That said I will get right into the topic of this post – the most fundamental view one can look at (Wrest-) Jiu Jitsu in my opinion.

During last summer I was once again visiting my good friends down in Denmark, CSA and Rumble Sports, for some training. In one of the training sessions I was having somewhat trouble with a particular arm frame as I was passing the guard. I felt as if I was struggling too much and I have this saying about jits that goes something like “When you find youreself using too much strength, struggling, then there is a better way of doing it”. That applies to all areas in Bjj. Perhaps this is also the single most important idea that has helped me to achieve better performance in Bjj since day 1. I’ve always asked myself this, when I felt something I did required exsessive use of strenght.

Even when the end result is “good”, for example I pass the guard and I succeed, but the process was “ugly” then Im not satisified. I always have an ideal “vision” for some kind of technique, or posture etc, in my head. As I execute this technique and I feel its even slightly off that vision. I start to inquire, whats wrong with it? I dig deeper, trying to understand details and concepts behind things. I experiment, look at top level Bjj players in similar situation, try to decrypt and put things together.

Well this particular case is just another example of my research. After the little frame struggle I started to think and I realised that the bottom person is trying to maintain or create space with those frames. Its not something shockingly new! We all know that there is a fight for space in Jiu Jitsu, but this comes to mind foremost in situations of dominant positions and escaping them. For example, when being mounted or side controlled, its common knowledge to create space to be able to move and escape. BUT, at least for me, I didnt quite look at everything the same way, every other area of Bjj, the way I looked at escapes. The fight for space (and balance) happens everywhere. Also in guard passing.

In the past, I do have talked about using frames to keep space when playing guard, but the biggest revelation to me was applying this knowledge for not just passing the guard, but any top position, where the bottom guy is using frames to stop you. As a end result I figured out how to start DESTROYING FRAMES!!!!

That is the single most important practical application I got out of all this. When you watch the video I will explain this.

To clarify a few things and to word things a bit differently, I would say, the ATTACKER is trying to take space away while the DEFENDER tries to create/preserve space.
Who/What is an Attacker and Defender?

Not talking about stand up wrestling, just ground, then in Bjj always one person is on bottom and the other is on top. Whatever position you look at, that will be the case.

Usually, when not talking about concrete submission or sweep attempts (things we tend to immediately associate with attack in Bjj), then the Attacker is top person and bottom person is Defender, except for in Closed Guard.

I will come back to the guard passing example. There is a fight for Space and Balance. This means by default, the top person is trying to SMASH in! And the guard player develops FRAMES to keep that space! Frames are applied by using legs and arms. Every guard is a usage of frames, just with little variations. Now, knowing this, it should become apparent that when you want to actually pass the Guard you have to be able to deal with frames.

I will not write everything up, you can watch the video as I explain there, but a VERY IMPORTANT thing to know about frames is that Frames are ONLY effective in a SINGLE DIRECTION! What this means and how to use this knowledge watch the video!

PS! It shows that I have not made videos in a while as the allmighty ALRIGHT bug was sort of back :)

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So now that you’ve gone through my post, watch this matchup of Roger vs Saulo. Maybe you are able to now look at whats happening from a little different perspective.

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Jan 11 Grappling 6 Comments

Today I competed in the -83 kg black/brown division of Abu Dhabi World Pro Cup Jiu Jitsu Trials held in Helsinki, Finland.

I fought 2 matches and took home the gold.

First match was against Finlands Raimo Posti, here it is.
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It was also a great day for SBG as in the final I fought a fellow SBG member from UK – Casey Jones! That’s Gold and Silver for SBG! :)
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All in all I’m quite happy about the competition. It was my first Bjj competition since the ankle injury and I also got some good ideas to develop my game better-further.

Cheers everyone!


Feb 19 Grappling 7 Comments

So I decided to do enter my very first wrestling competition! And that happend to be The 2012 Estonian Freestyle Wrestling Championship.

I competed in -84 kg and out of 17 person category I placed 6-8. I won one match and lost the other. I felt really happy about my wrestling ability and I’m quite sure I couldve made it to semis/finals perhaps had I little more wrestling competition experience.

Without further ado :) here are the matches!

Match one
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And second one
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Feb 11 Grappling 5 Comments