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I competed yesterday at Bjj Finnish Open 2013!


Got myself 2 matches. Quarterfinal I won via Bow and Arrow Choke, but had to defend “The Magid Hage Choke” ¬†first. The thing to know, when defending any kind of collar choke from the top position, is to KEEP SPACE! :) As I said in my previous post, the attacker usually takes space away, whatever the attack is, and defender wants to maintain or create more space. So I did pass the guard but placed two frames to keep space, first I pushed with my arms from he’s neck creating space with that, and secondly I placed my knee on he’s face to allow me even better make space. So the choke does not get dangerous enough and eventually the arms tire out. Those familiar with the Magid Hage Choke probably remember him choking out Clark Gracie and Zak Maxwell with it recently, if you watch the videos and look close, you see that neither Clark nor Zak really try to create space with frames.

Quarterfinal video

YouTube Preview Image

And the semifinal I lost via advantage

Semifinal video

YouTube Preview Image

Was a very good experience for me and, as always, got myself good feedback for game improvement.


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